The Montgomery Bible Insitute And Theological Center (MBIATC) was founded in 1997. MBIATC was founding to meet the need for ministerial training for Pastors serving smaller inner-city churches and those serving rural churches.The purpose of the MBIATC is to equip ministers and lay leaders with the tools needed to serve their churches and surrounding communities; and to aide those to rightly divide the word of God.


MBIATC recognized that there are a number of ministers in central Alabama who have felt the call to preach but often lack the education to be effective as a minister in their community. The lack of adequate training limits the effectiveness of a the local minister in fully explaining the plan of salvation to non-believers and those struggling with personal decisions.


MBIATC was formed to address the needs of education in salvation outreach to any minister who has been called by the Lord to offer the plan of salvation. MBIATC seeks to address these needs without regards to denomination or church affiliation as long as there is a sincere desire to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.


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